An online annual special assembly was presented by the students of class Nursery. It was a spectacular event where the children presented a story with a moral “We All Are Special”.

It was presented in digital medium given the present scenario of Covid times.
Almost 70 students participated together to create a mesmerizing show. They all demonstrated in their own innocent way that all creatures created by God are special. Everyone and everything in this world is unique and beautiful.
The assembly started with a story of an elephant who thought that God did not make him beautiful but he ended up realizing how special he is. The story consisted of rhymes and three dances. The finale dance was on ‘Hakuna Matata’  which emphasised the need to always be happy in the way we are. It was indeed delightful to see budding actors and dancers  perform so confidently in front of the camera. With colourful and picturesque backdrops, the show mesmerized one and all.
The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks followed by the national anthem.
The parents enjoyed watching the assembly video and appreciated the efforts of the young children.


CLASS PREP 2020- 21
A spectacular online assembly was conducted by the students of Class Prep on Seasons, in the month of March, showcasing the beauty and charm of different seasons. It gave a message of 'change' being inevitable and that one has to learn, grow and change with time.
It was a proud moment for all of us to see our children participating wholeheartedly with conscious efforts to perform the role assigned to them.
The show began on a musical note with the song- “Here We Go Round the Year Again”, giving a brief introduction to Seasons. Children brought each of the four seasons alive, by dressing up according to the particular season and showcasing related props and picturesque backdrops. The rhythmic delivery of dialogues by the confident little narrators added a poetic charm.
To depict the rainy season, children danced on the song “Barso Re Megha” in colourful lehengas. ‘The water in the sea goes up and up’ was sung melodiously by our budding singers. There was also a graceful enactment on germination of plants as part of spring season followed by a beautiful spring dance using umbrellas. The icing on the cake were the little models confidently walking the ramp in their winter clothing.
On the whole, the assembly was a beautiful culmination of different seasons. The efforts, cooperation and support of the children, parents and teachers made it a successful show.
The online video assembly ended with the vote of thanks followed by the national anthem. The parents enjoyed the show and appreciated the hard work put in by the little ones.  

‘Incredible India’

An online special assembly of class 1 was held in the month of March. The topic of the assembly was ‘Incredible India’. Approximately 70 children participated in the assembly.
In the Special Assembly , river Ganga was the ‘Sutradhar’ (fecilitator). The assembly started with the shloka rendition followed by explaining about yoga and why do we fold hands  and say namastey to greet someone. This was followed by a song ‘Namastey, Namastey I join my hands and say….’
Children took pride in showcasing our Armed Forces and the national flag-Tiranga.
Indians have excelled in many fields, not only academics but sports too. A brief introduction about these achievements was also given. Children spoke about Gandhiji, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr.
APJ Abdul Kalam amongst other eminent leaders. 
India is a country with diverse culture and prides itself on ‘Unity in diversity’. A song and dance sequence on this theme was also showcased beautifully by the children. They danced on the song ‘My name is Madahavi…..’
The assembly ended with a pledge followed by vote of thanks and national anthem.
The parents enjoyed watching the assembly video and appreciated the efforts of the young ones.