A special assembly was organized by the students of class VIII to celebrate the auspicious occasion of  Basant Panchami, a festival which marks the advent of the spring season and is also celebrated to worship goddess  Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. The celebration commenced with Saraswati vandana for seeking the blessings of the goddess. This was followed by a speech enlightening the students about the significance of the festival. Such celebrations bring students closer to traditional and cultural belief. The celebration concluded with the national anthem.



Assembly on ‘Exam Time’

Class 4 C presented their morning assembly on the topic ‘Exam Motivation and Success’ on 19th February, 2020.The assembly commenced with the prayer which is believed to provide peace and serenity to our minds and souls. It was followed by reading out the news, sharing the thought for the day and discussing the significance of exams. The students presented a short skit highlighting the do’s and don’ts,while taking exams. The assembly culminated with the rendition of the national anthem. 


Republic Day Assembly, 2020
The 71st Republic Day of India was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at DPS Vasant Kunj on 24 January 2020. The students of Class III conducted a special assembly on this occasion. The assembly began with a patriotic song presented by the class choir. Students discussed about the Constitution of India and its significance. The rewarding of the prestigious 'Bravery Award' to children on the Republic Day at Rajpath every year was also mentioned. This was followed by a poem recitation which beautifully explained the meaning of being republic. The assembly concluded with the national anthem. 

Morning Assembly based on the Importance of Voting 
As per the directions given by DOE, a special assembly was conducted by the students of class VB on 12th December, 2019 based on the importance of voting for the citizens of India. The children spoke on the importance of voting and highlighted the significance of choosing a right candidate for running a just, fair and impartial government in a large country like India. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Hemalatha Murlidharan, administered the oath for the voter registration. The assembly concluded with the national anthem. 


In accordance with the above mentioned programme launched by our Hon’ble PM on Ekta Diwas and the directions of the DOE (Directorate of Education), two activities were organised by Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj in the month of December, 2019.
1. States Day
The state of Sikkim was depicted by the students of Class 5 on the ‘States Day’ celebrated during the EVS week in December, 2019. The idyllic state of Sikkim was Delhi’s partner state for this particular programme.
Sikkim, the Land of Mystic Splendor, is a blend of different cultures, religions and communities. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religions that are followed here. It is considered the best place for meditation with the presence of around 200 Monasteries in the state. It is blessed with a natural bounty of flora and fauna. Nathula Pass and Mount Kanchenjunga are some of the important landmarks of Sikkim. The handicrafts – Carpets, Wood carving, Thangka painting, Handlooms give a distinct identity to the place.
All this was beautifully portrayed by the students who were dressed in Sikkim’s traditional costume. Each one of them spoke about all the above aspects. A Buddhist monk and the famous personality from Sikkim, Bhaichung Bhutia were also represented. The presentation ended with a beautiful performance of the Lepcha Dance.



2. Quiz
Another activity that was taken up for enriching our student’s knowledge about the state of Sikkim was a ‘QUIZ’ on the said state. The students of Class XI participated in this very interesting Q & A on Sikkim. The quiz was organised by the Quiz Club of the school - ‘Grey Matters’.

The objective of initiating these activities in school is to develop a strong sense of bond and belongingness between the two partnering states.
Celebrating The Warmth of the Yuletide Spirit. 
The students of Class II celebrated the spirit of Christmas with fervour and enthusiasm. A special assembly was held by the students wherein the popular carols, ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Sliver Bells’ etc. were sung and enjoyed by everyone. The assembly came alive when the Santa Claus came along and made the kids dance excitedly. 
The significance of the festivals was stressed upon spreading the message of sharing and caring amongst each other.  

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Held on 3rd December, 2019

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated every year on 3rd December. Proclaimed and promoted by the United Nations, this worldwide observance is marked to intensify the efforts aimed at creating awareness on the issues faced by people with disabilities. The theme for this year is “Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership : taking action on 2030 Development Agenda.” This focuses on the empowerment of persons with disabilities for inclusive, equitable and sustainable development as envisaged in the 2030 Agenda. To celebrate the day, the students of Class III-F presented a special assembly wherein a poem on inclusion, ‘Welcoming the students of special needs’ was recited. A student depicted the presentation of the assembly in sign language. Students also discussed about the ‘right behaviour’ that should be exercised while dealing with a friend with disability. In  the end, the school counsellor, Ms. Surpreet Oberoi, addressed the students about the issue.     


Gurupurab Assembly 
Class - II
A special assembly was presented by the students of class 2-B on the occasion of Gurupurab to mark the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji. The assembly began with the ‘Mool Mantra’ and its significance. Children spoke a few lines on the ‘Importance of Gurupurab’. A ‘Shabad’ was presented by the school choir and few children came dressed up as ‘Panj Pyare’ from classes Nursery and Prep. The assembly concluded with the national anthem. 


Grand Parent's Day and Janmashtami
Class II 
The C-Block of our school echoed with enchanting songs of Krishna on 23rd August 2019. Class I presented a morning assembly based on the theme of Janmashtami and on the occasion of Grandparents' Day. The Senior Mistress, Ms Geetika Bahl, gave a warm and a cheerful welcome to the enthusiastic grandparents. The grandparents were happy with the performance of the children that depicted the importance of friendship and the feelings involved in the gifts given by God. The dancers wearing colourful attires presented Radha- Krishna dance. This was followed by music, dance, storytelling and craft sessions in the classrooms. Grandparents thoroughly enjoyed being with the children. 

73rd Independence Day Assembly
Classes III to V
To commemorate the 73rd Independence Day of India, the students of Class III organized a special assembly on 14th August,2019. The tricolor was unfurled and everybody sang the National Anthem in unison. A special prayer was conducted by the Principal, Mrs. Bindu Sehgal. She conveyed her wishes to the audience on the occasion of  Independence Day and Rakshabhandhan.  This was followed by a short message by the children conveying the importance of the day and the contribution of our freedom fighters. The class choir presented a song that invoked the feeling of patriotism. Dancing to the beats of inspiring songs added to the spirit of nationalism. The assembly concluded with a poem by Navya Bagri and Naisha  Hotchandani of Class III -A, spreading the message of taking responsibility and performing ones’ duty diligently. 


Rakshabandhan Assembly
Classes Nur- II
Marking the bond of love between brothers and sisters, an assembly was presented by Class Prepon the occasion of Rakshabandhan on 14th August 2019. The rhythmic background music and a nearly perfect enactment by the young brigade with conspicuous expressions mesmerized the audience. Children dressed up in colourful attires danced gracefully. The Vice Principal, Mrs Hemalatha, encouraged the children by applauding their performance and conveyed Rakshabandhan and Independence Day greetings to all present.


Earth Day Assembly
Junior School

Class IV, DPS Vasant Kunj organised a special assembly on the occasion of the Earth Day on Thursday, 25th April, 2019 to propel fellow students to feel a greater sense of urgency about protecting our planet. The assembly commenced with the morning prayer by the Senior Mistress, Ms. Geetika Bahl, followed by chanting of ‘Gayatri Mantra’ by the school choir. The children highlighted the importance of protecting and preserving the green planet by emphasizing on the 3R’s. A skit performed by the students illustrating the harmful effects of the use of plastic, was followed by a dance performance. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.


Sr. School

“Earth Day” assembly was organised on Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019. The assembly began with a prayer conducted by the school Principal, Ms. Bindu Sehgal, followed by a song by the school choir. Students presented the thought for the day and speech on significance of the Earth Day. Students of class VII conducted the play titled “Protect our Species” that highlighted the need for judicious use of natural resources in order to sustain and conserve nature’s bounty. All the students of class VI to XI and the teachers pledged to protect and conserve nature. 

Students were felicitated for their performances in the interschool event and Olympiad. Siya Pota of class X bagged the first prize in the Sanskrit Shloka recitation competition at the Inter-DPS Language Festival held at DPS, Bulandshahr on 20th April 2019. Subhajit Nayak won the consolation prize in the junior category at the National level of Globe Science Olympiad held in November, 2018.  


Republic Day Assembly

The junior school of DPS Vasant Kunj celebrated the 70th Republic Day with great zest and zeal on 25th January, 2019. The students of Class V presented a special Assembly and showcased their love for their country. The assembly began with a morning prayer which was followed by a beautiful rendition by the school choir. The children recited a poem on ‘Patriotism’ that awakened everyone’s feelings towards our country and also talked about  the significance of ‘Republic Day’ which was followed by a dance performance that charged up the atmosphere with patriotic fervour. The assembly concluded with the national anthem. 


Gurupurab Assembly (Jr. School)

Gurupurab Assembly, 2018 was conducted for Classes II to V on 22nd November, 2018. It began with the beautiful ‘Shabad’ from Gurbani followed by  the information about the life and the teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The students of Classes Nursery and Prep were dressed up as ‘PANCH PIYARAS’.


The Environment Council of the school organised an assembly on the topic “Say No To Crackers” to sensitize the students about the harmful effects of  crackers. The students of class VI presented a play on the same. Students carried inspiring and attractive placards with slogans urged everyone to celebrate a joyous and bright Diwali with colourful candles, decoratives and get-togethers but without the wasteful extravaganza of crackers.  The assembly was held for students of classes VII-X. It was followed by a pledge which was taken by all the students and teachers. The pledge was administered with an aim to sensitise students about the harmful effect of crackers.  


 Assembly on Cleanliness and Disaster Management

A special assembly on ‘Cleanliness’ and ‘Disaster Management’ was conducted by the students of Class V-F on October 11, 2018. The importance of offering a helping hand during the occurrence of natural disasters was beautifully conveyed by a poem presentation and the song, ‘We are the World’. A skit was performed by the students to emphasize on ‘Cleanliness is Godliness’. 
Later, Ms. Nandita Yadav and Ms. Ritu Satija were applauded on receiving ‘The Role Model Teacher Award’. In the end, the role of ownership towards cleanliness and in tackling with the natural disasters were stressed upon. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

Janamashtami Assembly
Infused with a magnetic energy surrounded by cheerfulness, Janamashtami Assembly presented by Class – I. truly celebrated the spirit of the festival. From confident speakers, mesmerizing choir to dancers, coruscating matkis and lehengas. The entire show was presented beautifully with elegance. Ms. Geetika Bahl, the Senior Mistress, applauded the efforts of students and teachers.

Report: Mass PT Class IX
Mass PT was organized on 29 August 2018 for all the sections of Class IX in the Big Field in the Homeroom period. They were made to stand in straight lines and do 5 exercises of the School P.T along with warm up exercises and jogging. The students were supervised by their respective class teachers and the entire P.E. Department.

“Celebrating the special bond of Rakhi”
Little dancers, singers and actors of Class Prep showcased their latent talent through an enchanting performance in the special assembly held on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. High on confidence and charm, the children enjoyed the festive spirit as much as the audience applauded and appreciated their performance. The Senior Mistress, Mrs. Geetika Bahl, encouraged and blessed the children.


Planning and educating the students for natural disasters and emergencies is imperative for all educational institutions. It is a well-known fact that preparation is the key to effective response during natural disasters and emergencies. With an aim to provide knowledge and information to the staff members and students, a special assembly on ‘Disaster Management’ was conducted in the school premises on 21st August, 2018 in collaboration with Delhi Disaster Management Authority, under the able guidance of Ms. Ankita Anand, SDM, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. A detailed demonstration of the techniques to rescue the victims was done by the senior students under the supervision of the eminent trainer. The demonstration aimed to enhance the potential of the children to be proactive and prompt in taking action during emergencies. The procedure to use the fire extinguisher was also demonstrated. The students were further educated about road safety measures and the steps to be taken to ensure timely evacuation in times of crisis.
The training programme proved to be a great learning experience for the gathering.


Independence Day
India's 72nd Independence Day was celebrated with great fanfare and gaiety in the school premises on 14th August 2018. A special assembly was conducted by the Chenab house on this special occasion. The assembly commenced with an insightful prayer by the School Principal, Ms. Bindu Sehgal. It was followed by a patriotic song presented by the School Choir which filled the atmosphere with patriotic zeal and fervor. The Chenab house students presented a thought for the day and also delivered an inspiring speech in Hindi which ignited the patriotic feelings of one and all. The assembly culminated with the  national flag being hosted by the Principal and the National Anthem being sung with great pride.
In the Junior School a special assembly was conducted by the students of Class IV on the occasion of India’s 72nd Independence Day. The school choir infused the fragrance of patriotism with its melodious song. The students presented a wonderful skit on the importance of celebrating this special day. The whole environment echoed with joy when the students presented a mesmerizing dance to celebrate their freedom.


Ravi house conducted its inaugural assembly by observing Malala Day on 17 July, 2018.
On July 12, 2013, Malala Yousafzai, a sixteen year old Pakistani girl, delivered an impassioned speech at United Nations on the need for gender equality in education. The day, July 12, also her birthday was declared by the United Nations as ‘Malala Day’ in 2014. At the age of seventeen, Malala became the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
The assembly commenced with the Principal leading the prayer session. This was followed by the thought for the day and a skit by RUBARU, the Drama Society of DPS Vasant Kunj. This skit encapsulated the life changing events of Malala’s heroic life and her stirring speech. The assembly concluded with the national anthem. 


The assembly on ‘World Tiger Day’ was organised on 19thJuly’18 by the enthusiastic students of the Environment Council guided and directed by the active environmentalist Ms. Adita Saxena. 
The students of classes VI and VII had structured the sequence of the assembly in an effective way beginning with a thought provoking message in the form of ‘Thought for the Day’ followed by a short street play on ‘poaching of tigers’. The play was truly mesmerizing and captivated the attention and appreciation of the audience sensitizing them towards the endangered species of tigers heading swiftly towards extinction.
This was followed by a beautiful poem on tigers and wildlife evoking a sense of responsibility among the audience towards protection of wildlife. The assembly concluded with the national anthem sung by the students of the Environment Council. 
I – Anirudh Singh – VIII A
II-Panshul Verma – VIII E
I- Ishita Garg - IX D
II- Malvika Chandra - IX E
III- Anoushka Baweja - IX B