The Junior School of DPS Vasant Kunj celebrated Maths Week – ‘Mathemagination’ which was organized by the Maths Department for the students of Classes III, IV and V from 27th January, 2020 to 29th January, 2020. The students excitedly took part in various activities and competitions which were meticulously planned by the teachers of the Maths Department. On 

Day 1, the students of Class V participated in the Intra Class Paper Bag Making Activity by  using waste materials  and came up with beautiful creations. Class IV showed their creative side in ‘Polygon Art’ Activity wherein the students used cut outs of different shapes to form a picture. The students of Class III were delighted to watch a movie on how to overcome fear of Maths. 

Day 2, was full of excitement as the students of Class V exhibited their games based on mathematical concepts. The exhibition also showcased the models on ‘String Art’ and ‘Straw Art’ which were made by the students  of Class IV. 

Intersection Quizzes organized for the students of Classes III and IV were enjoyed by both the children and the teachers. The students of Class V brought together their culinary skills, creativity  and subject knowledge by participating in the Inter Section Sumptuous Shapes Competition. They designed beautiful patterns using dry edible items. 

The week culminated with an Intra Class Activity – Origami Art for the students of Class III, a movie for Class IV and an Intra Class Activity ‘Tangy Tangrams’ for Class V. 

The happiness and excitement shown by the children while participating in these activities was the best reward for their teachers.