The Department of Mathematics, DPS Vasant Kunj organized an online Rubik’s Cube Event 2020, with great excitement for the students of classes VIII and IX on the 16th of December, as part of Fit India Week Celebrations.
The Rubik's Cube Activity was organized to encourage brain games and to improve concentration and problem solving capacity among students. 
It gave an opportunity to the budding cubers and enthusiasts to showcase their talent and to encourage students to explore speed cubing as a tool to stimulate their mind and motor skills. Our own alumni Paarth Chhabra(Batch of 2019-20) helped in making the event a successful and enriching experience. The different strategies and roadmap required to solve a Rubik's cube were demonstrated by him. Some of the benefits of Rubik's cube highlighted during the event are listed as:
● a tool to achieve mental fitness
● improves memory
● cube solving improves problem-solving skills and enhances patience
● keeps mind active
● improves eye-hand coordination by improving fingers dexterity and agility.
Students participated through screen sharing and tried various scrambles given to them and demonstrated their cubing skills in spite of all shortcomings of a virtual event. Students enquired about other Cube puzzles apart from the most common 3X3 cube. Students enjoyed the session thoroughly and the overall experience was enriching