Professions Week

What I like to be, is a big question mark

Honouring and acknowledging the indispensable role of people who help us live a comfortable life, the students of Classes Nursery, Prep and I celebrated Different Professions Week from 23rdSeptember to 27th September’19. An array of activities like Colour Me Bright,Name My Tools, Postcard Writing, Memory Game, Poster On Helpers were organised for the students which helped them to learn the importanceand their role in one’s life. The helpers of the school had a candid chat with the inquisitive children in the much awaited ‘Helpers Mela’. The Dress Me Up show and the Master Chef CapMaking too were thoroughly enjoyed by the children.
The highlight of the event was an informative quiz which was held for the students of Class Prep. The week was thoroughly enjoyed by the children as well as the teachers.