Laboratories - Maths

The world would come to a standstill without the use of Maths. It is an indispensable part of our lives. In order to facilitate the children in comprehending certain abstract concepts and to transform this fundamental subject into an interesting learning experience; it is desirable that it should be brought to a concrete operational level where children can check and verify the validity of the concept through activities.  This was the prime objective of the DPS Society’s initiative of setting up the Maths Café (Maths Lab) at DPS Vasant Kunj.
The Maths Café at our school is well equipped and it’s in absolute coherence with the National Education Policy. The state of the art Maths Café has been curated to provide students with the opportunity to appreciate the relevance of mathematics which enables them to verify mathematical facts physically and to develop a multisensory approach.
The lab, which was inaugurated in June 2003 has been updated continuously to keep pace with the latest methodologies. A colourful display of more than 30 logic and number puzzles along with information about great mathematicians creates a concept based ambience in the Maths Cafe. It helps students to visualise and feel mathematics and facilitates exploration of ideas in such a way that helps students to enhance their problem solving and reasoning capacity in real life by developing their metacognitive abilities.
Various stimulating and challenging Math games and puzzles in the Maths Café focus on ‘Learning by Doing’ along with manipulatives based on various geometrical concepts. The 'Darting' game (Coordinate Geometry), Fraction Spinner, 3-D Corner (Origami) and Calcudoku are few fun-filled activities to name here aiming at the concepts taught in classes IV onwards. Table games as 'Integer Run' (Snakes & Ladder), Reckon, Hexamate, Triangulate, Deci Strike and Calci Rush etc encourage students to find alternative solutions and methods.
 The creativity of the students is allowed free play in the Maths Cafe. Here, teachers and students work as joint investigation teams and explore the fascinating aspects of the Mathematical concepts. The lab is also equipped with computers to use technology for learning. They connect Maths with other subjects thus developing interdisciplinary thinking.