Khushi Diwan - Humanities - 98.8%

Question: What was your first thought when you saw your result?
Answer:  I had put in a lot of hard work and was very happy to see that my hard work had paid off so well.

Question: Whom or what do you attribute your success to?
Answer:  Working hard consistently and diligently.

Question: What strategy did you adopt for your preparation for the exams?
Answer: I emphasized on quality not quantity studying.

Question: Most students absent themselves from school to attend coaching classes. Do you think this is the right approach?
Answer:  One should never compromise on school teaching over coaching classes.

Question: How has the school helped you in achieving your goal?
Answer:  I give a lot of credit to my wonderful teachers who were always a very positive influence throughout our XII standard.

Question: What are your plans for the future?
Answer: I would like to pursue an Honours course from Delhi University.

Question: You are a role model for the students. What is your message to the student studying in the junior classes ?
Answer: I would like to convey that one should give more importance to qualitative rather than quantitative studying.