Hindi Week Jr. 2020

The Hindi Department of the junior school celebrated Hindi Language Week  on 21st  July,23 rd  to 24th July 2020, The Vice Principal, Ms. Hemalatha Murlidharan,ma’am wished good luck to everyone. It was the week of flurry and excitement with children being fruitfully engaged in activities. Various activities conducted during               
Hindi Language week 

       Date/Day                          Class III                        Class IV                                 Class V   
      21st July Tuesday              Shabd Sidi                  Smriti Prishth                        Kavita lekhan
      23rd July Thursday            Nara Lekhan               Varg Paheli                           Bhashan
      24th July  Friday               Varg Paheli                  Kahani Buniye                       Prashnottari 
It was a great learning experience for all the children.The week was truly inspiring and entertaining.