Hindi Diwas (हिंदी दिवस )

Hindi Diwas (Sr. School)
14 September,2020
गर्व हमें है हिन्दी पर, शान हमारी हिन्दी है
कहते-सुनते हिन्दी हम, पहचान हमारी हिन्दी है।

The Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14th September.To mark this occasion, Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj, celebrated Hindi Diwas with great zeal and enthusiasm on 14th September,2020 for the students of classes VI to XII .The day was filled with fun and exuberance .The students participated in various activities namely- Story Narration ,Hindi Recitation Activity, Poster and Slogan Writing .The self-narrated stories and poems written by children were greatly appreciated by their respective teachers. Children also designed thought- provoking and beautiful posters. The students of all classes enthusiastically participated in the activities and made the day a huge success


Sanskrit Diwas Report

13-14 August, 2020

The Sanskrit Department of Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj, celebrated Sanskrit Diwas on 13th and 14thAugust, 2020.The following activities namely- Shloka Recitation, Singing, Cartoon Movie, Elocution etc. were planned for  classes VI – X to hone their creativity and language skills. The students enjoyed participating and fruitfully engaged themselves in various activities and made the week truly inspiring and entertaining.


Report on Hindi Diwas (14th September) Jr. School

हिंदीभाषाकोजन - जनतकपहुँचापाएँ।।
इसकेसमृद्धसाहित्यकोजन -जनतकपहुँचाएँ।“

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on September 14 to pay tribute to the official language of India. Hindi was adopted as the official language of Constituent assembly on September 14, 1949. The students and staff of Junior school of DPS Vasant kunj celebrated Hindi Diwas online to mark the importance of the country’s most widely spoken language. 

“A nation is dumb without a national language”-Mahatma Gandhi 
The Hindi diwas was declared open by the school Vice Principal, Mrs. Hemalatha Muralidharanma’am,who wished good luck for the activities scheduled for the day. Sloganwriting,story narrating and poem recitation were organised during the day for classes III,IV and V to motivate the children to think and use the ‘Rashtra Bhasha - Hindi’. Activites were conducted with the motive to enhance the language skills and make learning more enjoyable.It was a great success with maximum participation by our students which helped them in enhancing their varied skills.