Laboratories - Fashion Studies

Today the youth is focused and fortunate to have excellent choices in new and upcoming fields that encourage individual talent for a bright future. Fashion Design is one such option. It is one of the most powerful forces in our lives.

Fashion Design as profession includes the entire process of designing and producing fashion apparels from the fibre and yarn stage to the finished product. Realising the wide scope of Fashion Design as a professional career the C.B.S.E. has introduced Fashion Studies at 10 + 2 level. The course will give an overview of fashion and elaborate on different aspects like elements of design, history of fashion, fabrics, understanding of the body, pattern development and garment construction. Our Fashion technology lab was set up in August 2004 and since then the students have been very ardently learning the course.



:: Aims and objectives :: 

To learn appropriate fashion terminology.
To gain knowledge of the working and interrelationships of different industries and services that comprise fashion business.
To introduce students to the origin and prospects of natural, man made and synthetic fibres and fabrics.
To brief them about various finishes.
To develop and initialize a design vocabulary, an essential tool for practicing as designers. To teach them basic hand and machine stitches.
To teach them simple machine operations.