‘JIGYASA- 2019’

Jigyasa - 2019, an EVS and Maths Festival, was organised for Classes III, IV and V on 28th, 29th January and 1st February, 2019.
With the aim to encourage curiosity, scientific temper and critical thinking among students, various activities were conducted, during the festival On 28th January  2019, Intra Class Paper Tearing Competition ‘The World of Animals’, was organised for the students of Class III. The children learnt about the habitat of different animals - EVS Quiz was conducted for students of Class IV which included various challenging rounds.
An Inter Section Competition ‘Ignited Minds’ was organised for Class V. Students portrayed as scientists, astronomers, archaeologists and enacted the contributions made by them. They also explained the principle behind the inventions. 
The following activities were conducted on 29th January 2019.
Inter Section Maths Quiz was organised for the students of Classes III and IV which tested their logical and analytical skills with puzzles like Tangram, T-Tiles and Rapid Fire Rounds. The children were well prepared and showed great enthusiasm participating in it. 
For the students of Class V, the Intra Class ‘Sumptuous Shapes’ Competition was conducted. It was an excellent blend of creativity and geometry wherein the students designed different things using eatables cut outs in various geometrical shapes. 
On 1st February 2019, Intra Class Activities ‘Number Wanted’ and ‘Fun with Shapes’ were organised for Class 3. The students made figure / scenery using different shapes. 
‘States Day’ was organised for Class IV. The culture, costume and cuisine of various states was displayed by the students and teachers with great enthusiasm. Class V had ‘Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow’, an Intra Class Activity wherein children made useful products using plastic bottles. 
The highlight of the festival was the EVS and Maths exhibition for the students of Classes IV and V. Students showcased their models, experiments and board games capturing the true essence of Jigyasa. It was a great and successful event which was enjoyed thoroughly by all.