Devesh Mahajan - Science - 97.4%

Question: What was your first thought when you saw your score?
Answer: I had high expectations from the result as I had worked really hard and I was satisfied with all my exams. I was slightly disappointed with the fact that I couldn’t score a 100 in any subject. Most of the scores met my expectation and I was overwhelmed by the fact that all my hard work paid off well.
Question: Whom or what do you attribute your success to?
Answer:  I attribute my success to all my teachers who always motivated me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. They always encouraged me to strive for perfection. Support from my parents also played a vital role in me being able to score well. They provided me with all the resources and comforts I needed to succeed.
Question: What strategy did you adopt for exam preparation?
Answer:  Regularity is the only key to success. I took all my school exams very seriously which helped me cover my course regularly. I never felt over burdened with syllabus. I joined tuitions outside school to clarify my concepts well and to be able to stay in regular touch with all topics. Preparing well for Pre-boards helped me avoid a panic situation during the boards. During my exams, I mostly focused on revision of concepts and practised a lot of mock tests for every subject.
Question: Most students absent themselves from school to attend coaching classes – Do you think this is the right approach?
Answer: Attending coaching classes is something I did too. Coaching classes might be really helpful to those preparing for competitive exams but I personally think that they don't help much with the board exams. Regularity in school is important because teachers in school teach you as per the board format. They tell you important questions and how to present your answers. Coaching classes do not focus on the method of attempting the questions which is one of the most important parts of board examinations.
Question: How has the school helped you in achieving of your goal?
Answer: Our school has one of the best teaching faculty in Delhi. All the teachers are really helpful and motivating. Regular tests helped me learn from my mistakes and gave me a huge question bank of important questions. The teachers made a lot of effort by making assignments and worksheets. A healthy competition with my fellow classmates served to be very motivating. Without the support of school I wouldn’t have been able to score so well.
Question: What are your plans for the future?
Answer: I want to pursue a career in Computer Engineering. After doing my India, I would like to go abroad for further studies.
Question: You are a role model for the students. What is your message to the student community in the junior classes?
Answer: The most important things that help you score well in your exams are regularity and accuracy. Working hard throughout the year saves a lot of time and effort. Once you're familiar with all the concepts it won't take much time to revise and you'll feel more comfortable and less stressed. Scoring well in boards is not tough. All you need is sincerity.