XI Newsletter
Students of Class XI and XII may take Science, Commerce or Humanities course, each of which cover 5 subjects.

The Science Course: English, Physics and Chemistry are the compulsory subjects for the students .

The Medical Stream : This has Biology as the fourth subject while the fifth subject can be Maths / Psychology / Physical Education.

The Non Medical Stream : This has fourth subject as Mathematics and the fifth subject can be Computer Science / Economics / Informatic Practices / Physical Education.

The Commerce Course: English, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics are compulsory subjects. For the fifth subject, students have a choice of Mathematics / Psychology / Physical Education.

The Humanities Course: English is a compulsory subject. Other choices are :

- Economics / Geography 

- History / Legal Studies / Maths / Hindi 

- Political Science / Fine Arts 

- Psychology / Maths / Physical Education

(Physical Education can be opted as the sixth subject in all the streams in class XII only.)

The class XII course culminates in the All India Senior Secondary Examinations, which is also conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

XII Newsletter

The new academic session 2018-19 has commenced with reverberating zest and vitality. The entire environment of the school is electrified with the noblest of all pursuits, the dissemination of knowledge. Following is the information regarding the school rules and the examination system in Class XII.


Every student must have minimum 75% attendance, as per CBSE rules.

Every student must reach school by 7:30 a.m.

Every student should be in proper uniform, with proper haircut and trimmed nails.

No student is allowed to carry mobile phones, smart watches and other gadgets in school.   Gadgets if confiscated shall  be returned after the session concludes.

In case the student is absent from school, the parents should send an application to the Class teacher, at the earliest.



  1. Pre mid term –  2nd  July to 11th July
  2. Mid Term     - 20th September to 1st October
  3. Pre board I   - 22nd November to 3rd December
  4. Pre board II - 24th December to 27th December;     7th January to 14th January

The examination papers are set in accordance with the CBSE guidelines. They consolidate and reinforce the syllabus concepts.

The specific date sheet for every round of examination along with the syllabus will be provided on the school website well in advance, for further desired reference.

     The parents are requested to 



We appreciate wholeheartedly your unstinted support and look forward to receiving the same always, as  we proceed with yet another enriching and fulfilling year.