EPIC (Entrepreneurship Promotion and Innovation Council)

The Entrepreneurship Promotion and Innovation Council (E.P.I.C.) was founded in 2016 by Bhargavi Goel (Head Girl 2016-17) along with a Core team comprised of Eshan Uniyal, Ananya Goyal, Drishti Agarwala and Krithik Ranjan, with the aim of sparking the spirit of entrepreneurship within the student population. The Council is designed to encourage students to take risks and learn by doing.

Being a relatively new club, we aspire to have a start-up operating out of the school that will build a new product every year beginning in 2017. We also plan to hold other activities to engage more students, provide mentorship and guidance to members and aspirants. We hope to build a community where students feel free to discuss ideas and be innovative without the fear of failure – a community that is truly epic.

EPIC website: http://epic-dpsvk.com