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The school started its computer club, the Code Warriors, in the year 1997. Arun Darlie Koshy was the founder president. The membership, at that time was limited. However, these few members gave excellent competition to other clubs, although still in the learning process. By 1998, the Code Warriors had begun to show their talent, and had started winning at many events. The real boost came when the Exun 1999 trophy, the most coveted trophy at that time in Delhi, came to DPS Vasant Kunj. The next year was even more eventful – with an extremely strong team it stamped its authority everywhere, by winning the Exun 2000 trophy, among four others in the same year. In 2001, eight Code Warriors cleared the National Informatics Olympiad in the Delhi State, with one going on to represent India in the International Informatics Olympiad, held in Korea.

Code Warriors have achieved many milestones in the extra-curricular as well as the academic arena. The Code Warriors have a marked presence in the IITs, as well as prestigious foreign universities like Stanford University, Berkeley University, Nanyang Technical University (Singapore), Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Drexel University and Texas A&M.

The Code Warriors not only participate in competitions, but also share and develop technology. Some of the prize-winning software developed by the Code Warriors are N-crypt It, Map Builder, Canon, Graphics, and Digital Messenger, among others. Code Warriors have also gone on to innovate in tech fields, notably, forming the core team behind, a popular site which now powers services like Yahoo! Maps India.

In their twenty glorious years of existence, the Code Warriors have won more than 950 individual awards, and more than 50 overall trophies. The last two years have probably been the most eventful in the history of the Code Warriors, having won a host of computer symposiums.