8th September 2020-14th September 2020


Recognizing the importance of reading and to mark the occasion of International Literacy Day, Delhi Public School  Vasant Kunj celebrated the CBSE initiated Reading Week both in English as well as  Hindi language.
The wonder and magic of books was exhibited in the classes through an array of reading activities. The aim of these activities was to encourage students to discover the joy of reading books of their interest available in their homes or on the internet.
In order to bridge the gap between the physical library and the readers, DPS Vasant Kunj launched a Digital Library for all its students and staff members. This library has a plethora of books and a vast collection of short stories.  
v In order to enhance the literary skills and to inculcate good reading habits, students were provided with an eclectic Reading List of twenty-five books from various genres.
v Online reading sessions were arranged wherein students were encouraged to share self- composed short stories, poems or articles, providing them a platform to encapsulate and express their feelings.
v Students were also encouraged to share the story of the person who inspires them the most.
v With an intent to rekindle the spirit of reading among students, the teachers read out their favourite stories and poems in theclass.
v In order to stimulate their imagination and to foster their artistic expression, the students were encouraged to talk about their favourite character from books of their choice.
v The students read an excerpt from their favourite book and spoke briefly about the author. This served as a means to understand the nuances of varying writing styles.
v The students were asked to write a short story in both Hindi and English. They were then asked to narrate it in the class.
v In order to enhance expression and articulation, the students recited a poem in Hindi composed by their favorite poet .
vThe students analyzed a book in Hindi written by their favourite author. The style, ease of language and attitude of writers was also discussed in class. After the discussion, the students were asked to write their views in the form of a Book Review.
v Class discussions were organized wherein the students talked about their favourite books and authors.Through this activity the students got an opportunity to share their valuable insights.
Online reading sessions were scheduled for avid readers. As children generally like to read books suggested by their peers, this activity helped in garnering the interest of other students towards reading books.
vThe students were asked to read an excerpt from a book of their choice with appropriate expression and voice modulation.
Throughout the week, the entire school was engaged in myriad activities that helped the students to develop an understanding of how books can entertain and inspire all of us. The active participation of the students was a testimony of their zeal and fervor.