Humanities - 98.8%
Question: What was your first thought when you saw your score?
Answer: I was absolutely ecstatic ! (I double- checked my name and roll number!) Although I was expecting a good result, this came out to be better than I had imagined. 
Question: Whom or what do you attribute your success to?
Answer: Besides the gracious blessings of the Almighty, all credit goes to all my subject teachers in DPS who guided me throughout the year, the academically conducive environment at school, my support system at home - my parents and sister who believed in me and motivated me to give my best.
Question: What strategy did you adopt for exam preparation?
Answer: An extensive and organised approach towards studies helped me to grasp the concepts of every subject. Regular Monday tests and systematic assessment patterns contributed immensely to my preparations. I studied from the notes which I made keeping in mind the teachers' instructions and the subject syllabus.I practised  writing answers and timed myself accordingly.
Question: Most students absent themselves from school to attend coaching classes – Do you think this is the right approach?
Answer: In my opinion, school plays the primary role in imparting education, so, its role cannot be substituted. Moreover, a school like ours tends to all our academic needs and only self study is  required to strengthen the preparation. 
Question: How has the school helped you in achieving of your goal?
Answer: DPS has a favourable environment and an academic-oriented approach. It is blessed with experienced and learned teachers who stood by my side in every step of my journey. 
Question: What are your plans for the future?
Answer: I wish to pursue my graduation in History and then my dream is to join the Civil Services.
Question: You are a role model for the students. What is your message to the student community in the junior classes?
Answer:  There is no alternative to hard work. Regular and methodical studies always pay off. Dream big and believe in yourself, you are capable of achieving more than you can imagine !