Arthashastra - 2020



EVENT DATE: 1st and 2nd August 2020


The Commerce Economics Club and The Consumer Care Council came together to organize the 12th Edition of their annual event, Arthashastra and Confest. Adapting to the ongoing global pandemic, the event was held on Zoom over the course of two days. This has happened for the first time an online live competition was organised where twenty-five schools from Delhi -NCR and outside Delhi schools keenly participated and made it a much bigger success than hoped. 

On 31st July 2020, an orientation for the teacher incharges of the participating schools was organized in order to brief them of the rules and regulations to be kept in mind for the following two days of the event.

Arthashastra and Confest 2020 comprised of a grand total of seven events based on various aspects of commerce and consumer protection out of which three were offline, namely À La Logo, Poster It! and Ad Mad while the remaining four, namely War of Words, Stock Wars, Treasure Point and a Surprise Event were online. A compilation of all the Behind-The-Scenes shenanigans and effort that was a part of the planning process with a hint of nostalgia was played at the end of every event.