Resource Centre

“Every Child Matters” 

DPSVK has a Resource Centre which is fully equipped with highly qualified staff with two school Counsellors and two Special Educators. It has assessment tools, teaching aids and assistive devices to provide multi-sensory remedial teaching to students diagnosed as having Learning Disability. Cognitive learning strategies are taught which focus on comprehension and memory skills, organizational and study skills and enhancement of written expression.

The Centre’s main aim is to follow the concept of inclusive education wherein the children are supported to achieve their full potential while remaining a part of the mainstream school.

The functioning of the Resource Centre includes the following:


The respective teachers of different classes are required to give a regular feedback about students who require special attention within a classroom situation.

A screening checklist is used to identify ‘At Risk’ children in classes Nursery and Prep as Early Identification and Remediation is very important.

Testing and Assessment:

On the basis of the feedback, the students are subjected to screening procedure with an aim to identify their underlying difficulty.

Different assessment tools are being used like Schonell Reading and Spelling Test, Auditory Sequential Memory Test, GLAD (Grade Level Assessment Device), etc.

Group Instructions and Referrals: The parents are being advised for assessment from external sources for the purpose of certification.

Individual Educational Program (IEP): An Individual Educational Program (IEP) is prepared for the identified students and remedial assistance is extended to them to bring them upto the required class level. Monitoring the students’ progress towards meeting the IEP goals which are subject to constant evaluation and revision




A buddy system has been put into action to give assistance to the child. It’s a system where a child with special needs is assigned a peer buddy who assists him in daily class activities and in exchange the child also helps him in some way.

Children are being provided with provisions as set forth by CBSE, such as extra time during assessments, third language exemptions, reading out the question paper and marking for the content and not deducting marks for spellings, at the primary and middle school level.

Maintaining communication with the student, parents, teachers and other staff involved with the education of the student.

Providing scribes to the learners for the class X and class XII CBSE board examination.

Evaluation: The students are responding favourably to the remedial program and are showing remarkable results. Many students are already at par with the level of the class as early intervention was provided.

Counselling and Guidance: It is a very important program of our school. It is a process by which students are given advice on how to deal with emotional conflicts and personal problems both in school as well as in their daily life. Further, the students with LD and children showing secondary difficulty like ADHD, behavioural, developmental and peer issues are also counselled. The following procedure is followed for the same:

Case Referral: The cases are referred to the counsellor by parents, teachers and sometimes students themselves come when they face some problem.

Gathering of Information - After the case has been referred, the counsellor meets the parents and the teachers to gather information about the child.

Observation: The counsellor then observes the child in different settings to know more about the child.

Counselling Session: After the information has been gathered, the counsellor starts working with the child. Individual counselling sessions are given to respective subject/class teachers, students and parents.

Collaboration: To bring about the desired changes in a child’s behaviour, teachers, parents and the counsellor have to work together. The counsellor also gives the guidelines to the parents and teachers which are used by them while dealing or interacting with the child.


Life Skills: Life Skills and Value Education module is being implemented during their regular classroom period.Life skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, empathy, decision making etc are incorporated in children through various activities and role plays. The frequency of these classes is once a week for each class. Assessments are conducted and children are given grades as per the guidelines set by CBSE.

Value addition: The Resource centre team attends and conducts workshops on a regular basis to be in touch with the recent developments in the field. Thus,the handling strategies get enhanced and the team is able to function more effectively. We are also a part of Fortis Counselor’s Hub and Expressions India run by Dr. Jitendra Nagpal.

Career counselling: From time to time career fairs are held and students are given individual and group guidance on selecting different career options. Different Psychological Tests are conducted like Aptitude Test, Interest Test, and Personality Test to understand the real potential of the child. Guest speakers are invited from various established fields such as law, paramedical, sciences, commerce etc to give an insight into the different professions.These sessions are mainly held in class X so that children are able to make appropriate subject selection and further in class XI for helping them explore varied career options.

Foreign Admissions: Since a number of students from DPS, VasantKunj take admissions in foreign universities in different countries such as Canada, Singapore, UK, USA etc, they are provided with guidance and counselling sessions for the same. Regular sessions are held to help them crack SAT, TOEFL, ILETS etc. They are given individual and group counselling in filling forms, getting referrals and recommendations .The students are also given support for writing essays and getting predicted scores for procuring admissions.