Shreyaansh Gupta -Science 98%

Question 1.   Were you expecting such a phenomenal score in your class 12 boards?
Yes, I was expecting good scores. Hard work, perseverance with undying devotion and determination to deliver helped me to perform to the best of my abilities.
Question 2.   Whom /what do you attribute your success to?
I attribute my success to hard work, focus, dedication and well planned studies throughout the year. The invaluable guidance of my teachers and parents benefited me to achieve such phenomenal scores.
Question 3.   What was your plan of action as schedule for preparation during the exams?
Setting up realistic study goals, efficient planning and time management assisted me to give my best in the board exams.
Question 4.   Most students absent themselves from school to attend coaching classes- do you think this is the right approach?
Striking a balance between the CBSE curriculum and competitive exams is the most difficult task for a science student. To understand the basic concept and to attain practical knowledge of the science subjects, attending school is a must. Coaching classes for the competitive exams help us to achieve an extra edge. A student aiming to perform well in both has to organize his studies accordingly for good performance. 
Question 5.   In what ways do you think your school has helped you?
I never missed any Monday test or terminal exam as they were the barometer to judge my preparation for the board exams. Unflinching support and guidance provided by my teachers at each step helped me to build strong basic concepts in the subjects. The assignments, study material given by the teachers was of great help. Our principal and teachers kept me motivated and inspired me to pursue my goals.
Question 6.   What are your plans for the future?
I believe in learning by doing. Maths and Computers are my favorite subjects, so I am planning to go for computer engineering. 
Question 7.   Needless to say you are role model for the students. what message would you like to convey to the young aspirants who are yet to appear for the class 12 board examinations?
Coming out with flying colors in this exam is the dream of every student. But to fulfill this dream we have to stay focused, plan our studies and manage our time properly. Spend time with books, make them your friends and then I am sure that even the sky will not be the limit for you.