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“I believe that it is due to our collective efforts, that we have succeeded today. My parents, teachers, friends and family have worked together to make this day a reality. And without God Almighty’s divine blessings, it would not have been possible. Hence, I can proudly say, that our ‘team’ has won…”

Sarthak Agrawal

Jayant Yadav of DPS Vasant Kunj has been selected in Indian Cricket Team.....

Message From Principal

Greetings to all !

The audacity of belief... A man, in 1947, won freedom for 350 million people. A woman spread the message of selfless service from the streets of Calcutta. A man, in 1994, turned brick and mortar into an institution par excellence. What all of them had in common was the courage of their conviction and self belief. They all set a path for peace, progress and prosperity. As I very humbly tread that path, I am guided by the vision of my mentors and the ability and competence of my team. DPS Vasant Kunj as a school is growing and constantly evolving. Positive work ethics and the pursuit of excellence has always been our strength. Parivartan, or change is the keyword for the 21st century. From marks to grades, from real to virtual classrooms, from blackboards to smartboards – education has acquired a completely new definition and dimension.

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